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Then Grant Penno can help create the home of your dreams.

As a building practitioner, Grant can design the right home for your needs. In his 15 years as a builder, Grant saw a lot of designs and plans which might have looked good on paper but were not so good to build.

As a registered building  practitioner, Grant can create designs and plans specific to your needs.
“With my building experience I find I am able to draw my clients plans which can be built,” Grant said.

“Having been a builder for years I am able to visualise what it is they want.”
Penno Drafting & Design has been Grant’s part-time business for the past two years, and it’s now his full-time profession. “I am happy to meet with clients after hours as that gives me time to work on what they want,” he said.

Grant will also meet with clients at their home to discuss their building plans and renovations, and encourages clients to share their ideas.

“If you’ve got something in mind, make a quick sketch and we can work from there,” Grant said.
Specialising in renovations, extensions, new homes and work for owner builders a rescode report to ensure the work follows council guidelines. I can also draft 5 star rating energy efficient homes.

To get the home, units or extension you want PENNO DRAFTING & DESIGN can ensure you start with the perfect plan.

Contact Grant today.



Featured Project

The National Hotel Bendigo

Date: 18-08-2006

High Street, Bendigo



See how our innovative ideas are helping this Bendigo hospitality business change with the new government regulations with out inconveniencing their customers."



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